25. April 2023

Project film „Green@Work“

This film was created as a product of the „Green@Work“ project. The aim is to make the results of the discussion easily accessible to a wide audience.The film was produced by Leuchtturm Entertainment. References


Project Results | Final meeting of the Steering Committee (28.-29.11.2022)

In spite of the various difficulties (pandamic, Ukraine war…) we accomplished all our key targets. For the target groups involved in the project in Germany, Italy and Croatia we got and documented an overview of technical possibilities of transformation in the chemical industry as a basis for the development of a socially accewptable strategy that […]


Trade unions and the transformation of the energy industry

The main conference in Hanover (September 13-16, 2022) focused on the joint development of demands. Following points were compiled from the first expert online meeting in March 2022. (1) Social dialogue on the transformation of the energy industryThe Italian Manifesto for Energy Transformation was adopted in 2021 under the government of Mario Draghi and contains […]


Trade Unions and the Transformation of the Chemical Industry

The main conference in Hanover (September 13-16, 2022) focused on the joint development of demands. Following points were compiled from the previous expert meeting in Rome. (1) Chemical industry as a key position95% of all products in Germany are based on chemically manufactured basic components. This gives the chemical industry a major key position for […]


18. Mai 2022

Shaping the chemical transition in Europe socially

Maike Niggemann (industriALL Europe) industriALL has passed a manifesto on social structural change, which primarily contains 5 demands: (1) transformation measures must be socially acceptable, (2) financial resources must be made available, (3) collective bargaining and social dialogue must be strengthened throughout Europe, (4) company rights and obligations must be clearly formulated and it needs […]


17. Mai 2022

Start of conference in Rome (16.-18.May 2022)

It was with great pleasure that we were able to start our first face-to-face conference in the project yesterday. Daniele Bailo (ULITEC) and Michael Wolters (IG BCE) welcomed the conference participants in Rome in the afternoon. With a first lecture, Grazia Gullo outlined the current situation in Italy and presented the PNRR ED ENERGIA in […]


27. Juli 2021

Review and Outlook

Looking forward to our next meeting 6.-8. October 2021 we like to share some impressions of the steering committee in June 2021. We thank our guests Paolo Cuneo (FEDERCHIMICA), Dr. Jochen Wilkens (Chemie Nord) and Maike Niggemann (industriALL Europe).


Publication of the research results

After the successful meeting of the steering committee, we are more than happy to present the first research results. These will be the base for our further discussion during our meetings in Zagreb, Rome and Hanover. We thank the colleagues of Stiftung Arbeit und Umwelt, Hendal and Adapt for their work and the results available.


3. Juni 2021

Steering Committee

The project GREEN@WORK started successfully on May 1st. Next week, the steering committee will meet for the first time with representatives of all project partners. First results from the studies preceding the project are presented and discussed. We are happy to welcome representatives of the employers‘ associations as guests.