Project Results | Final meeting of the Steering Committee (28.-29.11.2022)

In spite of the various difficulties (pandamic, Ukraine war…) we accomplished all our key targets. For the target groups involved in the project in Germany, Italy and Croatia we got and documented an overview of technical possibilities of transformation in the chemical industry as a basis for the development of a socially accewptable strategy that could be implemented in the area of conflicting interests between government – employers – environmental organizations. Recommendations for action for the different levels of the national trade unions uo to the operational level.

We also received the following key results for the target group of European social partner organizsations (industriALL Europe) and national social partner organizations: For all partners the project made an important contribution to shaping the transformation in the chemical and energy industries. The project contributes to making the „European Green Deal“ known and to pointing out, deepning and further developing ways of transformation.

Through their existing involvement in different networks, the partner organizations involved in the project can and will disseminate the measures at European, national and regional level. The successful realized conferences primarily offer specialist employee representatives from the three countries and representatives of the European trade union industriALL the oppertunity for direct contact and exchange. The participants in the project act as multipliers.

Through the transfer and exchange between the project countries and the analysis of the same, nationally existing measures could be examined for their transferability. This increased the multiplier effect and at the same time could serve as a blueprint for interested other countries.

Finally: The announced project results open the change to disseminate models of good practice and to use synergy effects at European level.