Start of conference in Rome (16.-18.May 2022)

It was with great pleasure that we were able to start our first face-to-face conference in the project yesterday. Daniele Bailo (ULITEC) and Michael Wolters (IG BCE) welcomed the conference participants in Rome in the afternoon.

With a first lecture, Grazia Gullo outlined the current situation in Italy and presented the PNRR ED ENERGIA in detail. The PNRR political plan is the Italian response to the economic shock experienced by the COVID Pandemic. PNRR includes measures in the fields of digital revolution, ecological transformation and social inclusion. The focus is on women and young people as target groups, as well as the desired regional equality of opportunity between the regions in north and south Italy.

Today we look forward to our main conference day with our guests from the European Comission, industriALL Europe and the employer representatives.

Emma Argutyan (DG ECEG) and Davide Calabró (ENI Versalis) opened the main conference day on the question what conditions are necessary for a successful transformation of the chemical industry in Europe.

The current challenges require a creative solution: production chains that are complex and also very heterogeneous must be brought together. It is necessary to use existing infrastructures in order to achieve transformation successes as quickly as possible. The aim should be to create a cycle process in which there are no longer any single-use products, but where the focus is clearly on the reusability of products.

 „With disposable products, it is not the material or the chemical production that is the problem – but the people and the common mindset of the disposable society.“ said Davide Calabró.

The current developments and challenges can only be met by society as a whole. It also means that management can only move forward if they work together with unions and that politics can only be successful if independent scientific studies are taken into account.